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Santa was good to latenyte…

*Featured Image was taken very early Christmas morning. I think after 3am. I was checking every hour if there was a break in the clouds and I said if the moon isn’t out when I check after 3am I was going to go to bed. I’m so glad I stayed up, because this was the first time I have been able to photograph that side of the moon.

I don’t need stuff. I didn’t ask Santa for wasteful material things this year. I chose wisely and got exactly what I wanted. I am happier than a kid with a stocking full of candy and toys. Don’t laugh when I tell you, but I got I asked for a pair of quick release plates…

I can now quickly change cameras on my tripod without having to remove the plate from one camera to mount the other. My camera is now incredibly sturdier than it was when mounted on the tripod. I was using a make shift clip from my action camera to connect my camera to the tripod.

Ok, the secret is out. Yes, I always talk about the camera I use to take my photography. I also shoot video. I have a 4k action cam and a 720p Sony Handycam with night vision. So this is why I needed the additional quick release plates. The new tripod is for my Nikon, and the old tripod is now dedicated to video.

I couldn’t find them at any local stores, only online. This is why I put Santa on the case. Thanks Santa! If you have misplaced yours or have additional equipment that you use that needs one, here is a link to a 2-pak of universal quick release plates.


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