A Farewell to 2018

2018 has been quite a year and to be honest, I’m glad it’s over. There are so many places in Washington I am going to visit next year, it’s going to make my camera spin.

My only problem is I have to play the waiting game for the next four months. I don’t see reading books for the next 4 months as exciting. We have only a few hours left in 2018 and I already have cabin fever.

Do any of you that read this know of a legal way to earn income from home without having to talk to customers. I can’t do interactions with people well. I want to be given a task and do it. I am going to have some serious problems next year if Social Security thinks I can survive another year on $97 a month for everything that isn’t food. I am running out of things to sell on Ebay.

Good luck to everyone in all their endeavors next year. May your successes out weigh your struggles. Don’t settle for doing something okay when you can do it great!


3 thoughts on “A Farewell to 2018

  1. You could set up an Etsy shop and sell your photos, try a freelance website, transcription jobs from home. Just a few ideas.

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  2. I’m selling my photos on Adobe Stock. I don’t know what a freelance website is. If you are thinking of freelance photography, that would mean dealing with people. Good ideas though.

    I’ve looked into Amazon MTurk, which is work from home that is task based. I am more valuable than .01 to .10 cents a task. Some of the penny tasks take like 10 minutes. That would be .06 cents an hour. The nickle and dime tasks take even longer.

    Maybe one day I will create a very dark website. A say what is really going on site, instead of censoring every post from the real story. hah.

    Happy New Year!@

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  3. Lol I tried. There’s a website called upwork.com – it has all types of jobs you can do from home. This is the freelance site I was thinking of, but had a total brain fart and couldn’t remember the name ha. I’ve had a couple people tell me they had success using it. I signed up but never really went further than that.

    I’ve been trying to find a legit work from home position for a long time that doesn’t involve talking to customers. I like helping people but my anxiety feels otherwise. Yeah, definitely don’t settle for something that pays mere cents for hard work. What about captioning for Netflix or something similar?

    Haha well there ya go, the dark website…go for it lol

    Happy New Year! All the best!
    – J


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