Clear your calendar…

This post goes out to the folks in the Seattle region of Washington state.  The last time we had skies clear enough to get some good night shots, there wasn't a moon to light anything up.  Well, I have some good news.  Here is my forecast for Saturday (December 15th) night: The sun sets at... Continue Reading →

Ray’s Rant #1!

*This post has absolutely nothing to do with photography or in anyway.  This is me, the author of, saying something that needs to be said.  I will not be offended if you don't completely read this post. Let's stop the negativity... No apologies!  When did we as people become so damn sensitive.  Yes... Continue Reading →

The results are in…

So yesterday I posed to myself, a challenge.  I took a photo that I thought was okay and wanted to make it better.  The featured photo is the unedited image as the camera saved it.  I knew what the rock was when I shot it and think  I was the only person that knew it... Continue Reading →

Only as strong as…

When I built computers I would tell my customers that the computer is only as fast as it's slowest component.  I am sure something like that can be said for photography.  My photography is only as strong as my weakest skill.  All of my skills are pretty weak right now, but I would say my... Continue Reading →

Breaking it up a bit…

To someone that doesn't know how I work, if you were to come into my studio, it may look like a bomb went off when a student was studying for their finals.  I am trying to tackle quite a few things at the same time.  On my laptop I am redesigning  I returned 5... Continue Reading →

With a few exceptions…

Last night I had one of those really tiny LED light bulb going off moments.  Ironically, it happened as I was headed to bed for the night (4:45AM).  All of this exposure to new terminology, new technology and a new way of looking at light, I understood the difference between someone that takes pictures and... Continue Reading →

100 Days of latenyte photo

*Featured image was shot on a southwest beach of Puget Sound Washington, looking the the southwest at sunset. If I am going to change anything with it's going to be everything!  I'm creating graphics, new content and new pages to go with the 2019 layout of  In 2018 I made stuff as I... Continue Reading →

WTF? #7: I don’t have a clue.

As I reported in previous posts, I was unable to get to Location #2.  the road that went up to it had a gate hidden from view in the satellite imagery.  To refresh everyone, image 1 is the original image I wanted to investigate. Image 1 Image 2 Image 2 is the backup WTF? that... Continue Reading → and 2019

*Featured image was shot one afternoon when I was walking the beach at Salt Water State Park, WA. Let me get right to the point.  So far has gone from not knowing what to do because everything was new to me, to how did things get so unorganized so quickly.  That would be the... Continue Reading →

No dice with my Coolpix

*Please remember that the Nikon Coolpix P530 I keep discussing on this site was bought used.  I had no testing done on it to see if it was 100% when I got it.  With that said there is a very slim chance that I am discussing a camera that doesn't work as well as a... Continue Reading →

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