Happy New Year 2019!

Well, if any of you visit my site you may notice a small difference. Some things are now temporarily unavailable. Well they are there but not linked from the main menu yet.

This new year starts on a Tuesday. In 2019 I have obligated myself to improving my skills behind a camera. I would be a fool if I didn’t acknowledge that I am still really new at this and needed some experience. Every Tuesday I will challenge my self with a project, the Tuesday Project of the Week. You can get to this page from the new menu, under Featured. There will also be the usual blog posts with my results, whether good or bad. My project for this week is to capture 5 unique reflections.

Another thing I wanted to give a try this year, more for myself than others, was a monthly photo contest focusing on night photography. Such is the birth of latenyte’s Moonlit Monthly Photo Contest. You can get to this page from the new menu, under Featured. More information on this challenge can be found on it’s page, along with it’s rules.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, there are some delays. As pages get finished they will be published. There are a couple more sections being added so stay tuned…


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