Off to the Library

*Featured image was shot on Christmas Eve from my wife’s boss’s house looking at the Seattle, WA skyline. You may not know by looking at the image, but I had to remove a couple power lines from the image.

Idle time has been kicking my ass. I think I have read more in the last couple months than I have read in the last couple years. That means I am out of books again.

I went to 5 thrift stores yesterday looking at their book selection. There were books that I would like to read, but being on a budget I had to pass. So I am off to the library. I have 5 books on hold and will probably read a couple while I’m in the library. I have kind of put a hold on reading my 19th century books. The get dry after about 1000 or so pages.

I’ve been reading on Washington State History, gold mining, treasure hunting, rock hounding, geology, coastal Native American history and Washington State Peaks for fun. I’ve been reading books on photography, lighting, composure, videography, editing and low light/night photography for latenyte photography. I actually got a really good book for night photography for Christmas. I’m about a 1/3 of the way through it. It is a more challenging read for me.

I am also still working on my project of the week, which is due tomorrow.


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