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POTW #2 Results

I’ve read books, watched YouTube videos and read several websites. An important aspect of a macro shot is your DOF(Depth of Field). The most memorable information I got was from a fellow blogger Park Preview. In their Photography for Beginners section, Part 5 – Depth of Field, is not just a good read it’s a good bookmark.

After wrestling with my internet connection, I wrapped up my macros today with plenty of natural light. I definitely found some more limitations with Nikon. This is a good thing. I now know how far I can push the Coolpix P530 when taking macro shots. I needed some pictures of some rock samples I’ve found, so they are the macro subjects. Here are a few shots before any editing.

Here is a link to the POTW page.


One thought on “POTW #2 Results

  1. Thanks for the link! DOF is one of those tricky things where understanding it in your head is easier than remembering all the little details in actual real world situations, especially for close-up photography when you have little DOF to work with.

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