Nothing Visible Accomplished

I had one of those days today. I’ve been doing things all day and finished a few tasks, but nothing visible got accomplished. One of the things I took care of today was something I have been putting off for the last two months. Why even do it today?

See, I have this problem of hoarding data. For the last four months I have been saving bookmarks of photography related information, blogs and websites. It is a lot… Part of my day was organizing and sorting my links to make the info easier to find, making it more useful. Depending on how you are on the web, and how many pages you mark, it could be a lot of work when not done regularly.

Typically I like to do it every quarter, or every time the season changes. I had more than 100 links I had to organize this last quarter. It was unusual as I was starting a new thing so a lot of new info. I need to get back to the books again.


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