DSLR Photography Guide

I occasion I will review mobile applications that can be used for photography.  In this post I will be reviewing DSLR Photography Guide.

for Android

Need help taking a good photo with your DSLR or other camera look no further! Unlike other similar apps, this app is built for beginners and experts! It can act as a guide for beginners including a full beginners reference manual and a cheat sheet for experts, including tips from other experts! All photographers can benefit from this app.

  • 15.63MB installed.
  • Can be run from external storage.
  • Easy to use.
  • Works without connection.
  • Connection needed for communicating with other through app.

Usually when you head out you don’t want to bring books to help you with your shoot. This is a nice little reference guide that can come in handy in the field. Even though it could benefit everyone, I don’t think a more advanced photographer would use this much.


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