Followed my own Tips

Good news from the Stock Photo arena. I haven’t really been able to shoot much this year yet. Of the shots I have taken are much better quality than a few months ago.

I have been following my own tips and am already seeing results. I have been submitting smaller groups of images instead of a huge groups. I have been submitting 5 photos at a time. Last year I submitted 144 photos to Adobe Stock and I think I had 60 photos accepted for sale. That works out to be 42% acceptance.

This year I have submitted 10 photos so far and 8 have been approved for sale. That is 80% acceptance this year. One of the photos I submitted that was rejected was one I thought might be rejected. That would have put me at 88.8% for the year so far.

I have added some new sunset reflections and Mt. Rainier shots to my
Adobe Stock Profile .


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