Seriously ?

Get to Know Your Neighbor

3-23-2019Season 1 Volume 1

Early Saturday afternoon on 3-23-2019 the old woman that lives at this address verbally harassed an autistic man who also suffers from a major depressive disorder.  The autistic man was merely walking down the street with his noise canceling headphones on playing a game on his cell phone. Why did this old woman harass him you might ask.  That is not 100% clear at this point, but sources say that is it because she didn’t like the way he looked. She let into this man straight away too. She didn’t even tell him hello, but she sure thought he was casing her house.  When this autistic man got home he was a wreck. He kept saying, “Why was she yelling at me? I didn’t even do anything.” Just thought you would all like to know who you are living next to.

Now I am going to go hand out 30 of these… This is my life…


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