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What’s going on in my head?

I am going to spill the proverbial beans and let everyone in on my little secret.

The featured photo was a shot of my dinner. If you look closer.. You can see the scratchings of some of what spills out of my head. Here is a better shot.

I probably blew an hour to a hour and a half trying to write my minimum potential of a given event as an equation with math. This is what I have come up with. Note that the equal sign can also be true.


  • F= frequency of action
  • R= potential wins
  • C= total plays

Roughly translated… 90% of the time I’m 10% or more right.

This is just a fraction of the stuff I’m constantly processing. If not of my meds proper I get like diarrhea of the brain at 1000mph. I process so much data that sometimes I don’t know what’s going on and I’m just along for the ride.

One of my shrinks told me I had OCD and even gave me medicine for it. After doing some research of my own and I do what I do for pleasure, not because I have to.

Example, when I was a chef, a coworker commented of the way I peeled fruit. He says why do you have to make all of your fruit look the same, 6 sided. He then says what are you so anal that you OCD your fruit. I actually didn’t respond to his comment, since he clearly knew nothing about what he was saying. I didn’t feel the need to be correct out loud so everyone could hear. I knew why my fruit is peeled the same way.

Fasten you safety belts cause here we go on another brain dart. Here is what I could have told that as whole:

  • My hand sharpened German steel is so well designed that it only takes me six cuts to peel a pineapple or a watermelon.
  • They all look the same because I peeled them in the most efficient manner as I could, thus only requiring 6 cuts.
  • Just in case you missed it at the last Denny’s all staff meeting, but when we prepare our fruit trays for display, here at the country club it makes the kitchen look sharp if the fruit is all cut the same way.

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