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A new record!

Today I set a new personal best for hiking with my camera, nine miles in 6 hours. I may have pushed to far today but every mile was worth it.

This is all new territory for me. Not once in 45 years have I been within 10 miles from where I was today. It was just a scouting mission, to see where the logging was and find out if I had any neighbors. I constantly kept asking myself, I wonder what’s around the next corner.

Here are the results of my trip:

  • Its 4 miles each way to one of the ghost towns.
  • My vehicle can make it all the way there.
  • Even though it sounds to me like they are 100 yards away, the logging. Is at least a mile from camp.
  • I found two pieces of treasure. The heel section of a 90+ year old decorative shoe and I broken shovel that looks more modern.
  • Most of the area I want to search are under water from all the rains.

Not worth a trip back there this weekend, but definitely later this season. I wanted to get a good look of the area before everything is covered by a fresh layer of green leaves.

Since I burned a bunch of calories today I might do some sampling in the pitwith my tub. Would be nice to see gold and treasure on my 2nd week out here.

Here is my bummer. All of the shots I take with my camera aren’t going to be processed until I can get on my computer. I have taken some with my broken phone for content.


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