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No End to the Madness…

So just when I thought my life had kind of stabilized, good old Murphy’s Law shows me who is boss. I had to break camp because I got some bad news. My father’s mother(grandma) passed away and wife’s grandma just moved to hospice. I was also out of my heart medication.

I headed out of the woods, back to uncivilization only to get pulled over by the sheriff after dodging the Fish and Game guy at the trail to my camp. The sheriff lets me go with a warning and I made it home. This is Friday so, it was Monday that I called in my refills because Tuesday was my last dose of heart medication. The pharmacy cant, refill them without doctor’s authorization. The doctor’s won’t give authorization because now he wants to see me. I do not understand.

The last time I went to their office I almost had a heart attack because of the stupidity of their staff. Today they told me that even though I am out of my life saving medication, I would need to see the doctor to get my refills. I asked when her next appointment was and I would have to wait 2 weeks for the next appointment. I’ve been out of the medication I need to keep my heart going for 3 days now, and this person who is a receptionist gets to decide whether or not I get to live again. Deja vu! Like watching my life flash before my eyes again.

I would rather die of a heart attack in the woods than risk the stress of a heart attack trying to get my pills to stay alive. This is now 5 times this office has told me to fuck myself, and go ahead and die, your insurance will still pay us. I have a few things to do at my abandoned house and then I am going back home to the woods.

I left camp to pay respects and get medication. Nobody has called me with info on anything. My doctor’s are trying to kill me again by not refilling my meds and I may have lost everything I had at camp to the Fish and Game. So I am probably going to return to an empty camp, no supplies or meds and call it not so fun while it lasted.

When people say the words I can’t help they are lying! I am not going to speak to anyone else ever. I give up!


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