The strangest thing?

This is going to be difficult for me to explain, but last night something happened that I can’t explain. The same sort of thing happened to me back in 2008. So this would be the second time in my life where I’m left scratching my head.

My truck was loaded and I was ready to leave last night. I’ve had my ringer turned off on my phone because talking with people is a waste of breath. Nobody listens to me. It was about 8:15 pm am I was thinking of leaving early to head back to the woods. I picked up my phone to make sure it was charged. Just as soon as I unlock the home screen I noticed that I had just got a text message from an unknown number.

The text message came from my health insurance provider, which I don’t remember giving my phone number to. I know for damn sure that I didn’t sign up for anything where I gave permission to send my phone spam. I had to read it or there will always be a nag on my home screen telling me about a new message. I figured no sense in beating around the bush, so I opened it to mark it as read.

I opened the message and it is an ad talking about a new feature where you can talk to a doctor through chat. Instantly I thought to myself, awesome, another way to not listen to patients and respond to them with pre-typed canned answers. I marked it as read and went back to my home screen to check my battery.

I was at 98% so I started looking for my keys. While reaching into my pocket for my keys an alarm goes off in my head. The ad said I could talk to a doctor. I haven’t got to plead my case to a doctor yet, just receptionists playing god. I then thought, if there is a chance that a real doctor is on the other end of the chat then there is a chance that I might be able to get my medication.

I dove in and signed up real quick. I explain to the doctor my situation, and this person typing on the other end wasn’t sending my pre-typed answers. It is good we were typing, because I wouldn’t have been able to talk through my tears.

Again I will leave the bush alone. He called in my medication to my pharmacy before they closed last night and I just returned from picking them up.

It seems that mother nature enjoyed my company and is looking forward to at least 30 more days of life with me.


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