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Shelter Day 1

It’s not that I’m lazy or procrastinate, but I can only do things in short intervals. Yesterday I worked on my shelter a bit.

I did what I could for 10-15 minutes at a time and then take a hour break. Standing, bending over, reaching and digging all cause me great pain. I know consciously that these tasks cause pain because after maybe a total of two hours I am now going to take a minimum of two days to recover.

I woke up this morning at 7am, 42 degrees and blue sky. As awesome as my view was, I couldn’t move to go enjoy it.

Maybe in a couple days I can start transporting 1000 pounds of baseball to softball size rock for a base to the floor of the shelter. The triangle 3/8the inch plywood pieces were free and already cut to that shape. I got them from the Boeing bins done in the valley. I brought them with me thinking I might use them. Bingo, perfect for bracing the walls and roof.

The rock will go in 3 stages for the floor. It’s a high traffic area and things will more than likely get wet. Planning for this, I will put down a layer of the large coarse rock, followed by 1/2″+ gravel. This will help any water that gets into the structure drain quickly.

Just having a gravel floor has its set backs. Cold air now has a way into the structure and it is really noisy. I need quiet as much as possible with hyperacusis, one of the main reasons I came out here. To solve this I want to put a 2-3 inch packed layer of 1/4″- soil, sand and gravel. OCD will then have me sow grass seed down and then cover with sand 1/4-1/2″ gravel. My floor will be like a well groomed river bar fairway.

It’s about a half mile to make trip to pit. If I take 2 buckets so I’m balanced, I could make a trip an hour, that’s over 300 pounds a day of rock moving. That wouldn’t be pushing it I don’t think, but I will need a day to recover for every day I move rock. That puts my floor almost 14 dad out. Problem is moving larger loads of rock a distance. I’ll put my thinking cap on in a minute and try to come up with a better solution than carrying buckets of rock by hand.

Two weeks would put me really behind schedule.


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