Every week…

Getting ready for my week…

I’ve never completely read my pill bottles before. It seems here that 9 of them may make me dizzy, which explains a lot. 7 of them may make me drowsy which also explains a lot. 8 of them warn about using machinery and driving. 1 says check with doctor before eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice and 1 simply says may be taken with or without food.

11 prescriptions, 15 pills daily…

With all the BS my doctors, pharmacy and insurance gave me, I now get called all month long with reminders to refill medicine. Out of 11 there were only 2 original prescription dates, requiring two trips to pharmacy a month. They want me to make 4 trips now and don’t think twice. To them stopping at the pharmacy is something that can be done any day on their way home.

From the outside may look kind of normalish thus not worry about any inconvenience I may have. Doubling my monthly budget of $0.000 for fuel to drive illegally to the pharmacy for medicine is a huge, double my chance to lose my truck and go to jail for picking up my medicine, inconvenience to me. For them it’s 5 minutes out of their way.

I need to go for a walk and stretch my legs..


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  1. That is quite the buffet you have there. I don’t like the side effects of the couple pills I take; I can’t imagine what you must deal with. Then to top it off, with having to worry about how you are going to get your meds…ugh, I’m so sorry.

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