Time Out!

It is officially rest time. Everything from my toes to my head hurts right now. I fell three times today, once from passing out(maybe one of the 7 dizzy meds). Blisters, bruises, slivers and scratches oh my. I am already fearing the morning. It just now dawns on me as I type this… I’m not supposed to be banging myself up or getting bruises because of the blood thinner I am taking. That crap makes healing take longer and the smallest nick will bleed for a while. I know I’m gonna have bruises tomorrow, but managed some how to avoid bleeding. I only covered 3 miles today without gear.

I remembered my camera when I went to the river today. I went another route today and need to check the data, but might have a pretty direct path from camp to the cliff. I haven’t found a dry way down yet that avoids the cliff. When I say cliff I mean as steep as you can put an extended ladder up without falling backwards. Going up this alone takes me close to 30 minutes.As you can see this path is like the yellow pages, it gets used.


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