Let me be clear!

In no way is what I am doing fun. This isn't an extended camping trip for me either. This is not a protest, blackmail, conspiracy or threat. I'm tired of living among nosey people that are more interested in what others are doing or playing with their stuff. I really don't have stuff anymore. I... Continue Reading →

All clear…

I stayed out until 10 pm at my lookout. No signs of people where I thought. That is good news. The even better news is, from my lookout I have a clear view of the area within 3 miles from camp and I saw no campfire smoke. I thought I was sore this morning. Now... Continue Reading →

Stealth Recon

8 pm here and it sounds like I have a neighbor. Over the course of a few minutes someone just fired three rounds from a rifle really close to me. Maybe 1/2 - 3/4 miles away. If my spider sense is right, I know exactly where they are. More than likely they are down a... Continue Reading →

WTF? #11 Squirrel Olympics

WARNING! The following image should be available to everyone of all ages. This is real life, and life happened today. I don't know if everyone even knows that there is a Squirrel Olympics. That is crazy to me as they have been running over 100 years. I'm not sure of the exact date or where... Continue Reading →

Shelter Day 1

It's not that I'm lazy or procrastinate, but I can only do things in short intervals. Yesterday I worked on my shelter a bit. I did what I could for 10-15 minutes at a time and then take a hour break. Standing, bending over, reaching and digging all cause me great pain. I know consciously... Continue Reading →

Just like that…

I left the house this morning before the 5 am news came on. I stopped at the 76 station to use my kickback rewards card to get 10.92 in free gas. With my nerves in high gear I hit the highway. It only took me 16 minutes to get to the first gate. I drove... Continue Reading →

The strangest thing?

This is going to be difficult for me to explain, but last night something happened that I can't explain. The same sort of thing happened to me back in 2008. So this would be the second time in my life where I'm left scratching my head. My truck was loaded and I was ready to... Continue Reading →

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