Day Pass

I hiked out to un-civilization yesterday to say goodbye to a grandmother. So I got to see a lot of the family I haven’t seen in a while, like my great grandparents… I saw their headstone anyhow. All the shots I took are on my camera until I return for my laptop.

We had a gathering at the Carnation, WA cemetery where she joined her husband that passed in 1977. She was 96 and most of her side of the family all lived pretty long. I found out for the first time, in 42 years since his passing, the real cause of his death. He died in his 50’s from a massive heart attack. That is not what I have been told.

You know when you go to the doctor sometimes and they give you a sheet to fill out about medical history. It may ask if anyone in my family has had heart problems or had a heart attack? I’ve always checked the no box. I would the write this on the line that says other, “I don’t know of anyone having heart problems, cancer or anything major. Most of my family died in their sleep and went to heaven.”

I’ve noticed over the last 5-6 days that my legs are really swollen and hurt like hell when I get out of my wet shoes.


The bottom two photos show where I pressed on my leg 2 minutes prior.

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