It’s Invisible…

I was only away from camp for six and a half hours on my day pass. That was enough to make me want to carve my ears out of my head. When I woke up this morning, a day and a half after I returned, most of the ghost sounds have stopped.

Hyperacusis – is when your ears lose their tolerance to normal background noises that most people tend to ignore. That means all of those little noises you don’t hear are amplified big-time for me. Things like silverware on plates, shuffling of pants, clicking your mouse and a million other things.

I have been known to complain about the neighbors dishwasher beeping louder than the tv I was watching. In a nut shell hyperacusis is kind of like the opposite of hearing loss. This is just one of the invisible things that affect me.

Now imagine that I was staying with two people that are almost deaf, because I was before I headed to the woods. They have no idea how much noise they make because they can’t hear it. When they walk around, it sounds like a stampede of elephants. My room was on the third floor and the tv was in the basement, yet I could hear to tv just fine three floors up.

For all the people who think I’m doing this to go camping, this is not camping. This is not one of those trips. This is the closest I could get to quiet as I could on my budget.

There is no cure, and I can’t afford to fly to Australia for treatment.


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