It’s been 6 months today!

It’s been 6 months since my last heart attack. I called my doctor’s office today for my anniversary to ask them why they still haven’t called me to make an appointment. To them I am out of medicine

I spoke with someone new to my situation today. It started going ok and then she put me on hold to speak with someone else in the office. Sure enough when she came back she transferred me to some lady. I think she called this person a medical assistant.

I guess the women in the office huddled up and sent the medical assistant to block me from the doctor and told me directly that there is no way anyone will refill my medication. I’m pissed! I have called my doctors office like 20 times and haven’t spoke with my actual doctor once.

I called back into the office to try to connect with my doctor again. This time some guy, who was being coached by the ladies who hate me, took a message to have the doctor call me back. I left my phone on until 6pm, wasting my 18% battery for no call from the doctor.

The women in the office are more focused on who to blame for not scheduling an appointment then the fact that I run out of medication, for a 3rd time this year, in 7 days.

To stay alive I am going to have to go back to the hospital. I just don’t know how I’m going to get there. Walking is 3 days each way with 7 days worth of food and something to cook with and sleep on and a change of clothes.

I don’t know… Is it worth it to go back to get meds so I can spend the next 2-3 weeks sick and lethargic from dealing with people that would rather let me die.

I finally made it back to the river since Friday. Managed to move my operation to a new location. Only took 4 hours in the rain to make 3 x 1/4 mile round trips with my gear.



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