That made my year!

After not being able to speak with my doctor after 22 phone calls. I decided to go exploring, looking for a place to charge my batteries and phone. I also wanted to find out where all those people were going last Saturday morning.

I checked out another pit on my way to the gates, but couldn’t find where that guy was using a tractor. Nothing I could access had a outlet, so I headed for the closest town. The very first commercial building I came across was a hospital.

I pulled off the road for some cover, to make a phone call. I called my insurance to see if they could find me a cardiologist at this hospital. For those of you that follow this story, you know what happens next.


My insurance wouldn’t help me. The lady I spoke with didn’t even try to look up any doctors at this hospital. As a matter a fact, she was so wise that she knew the cardiologists here wouldn’t help me. She knew this with out contacting any of them because she didn’t even look them up.

To hell with my insurance, I’m already here. I’m going to go to the emergency room. Before I did that, I went in the main entrance to get my charging on.

I haven’t mentioned this in my blog yet, buy I used to be a classicly trained chef that has won a gold medal cooking for certified master chefs. I actually won this medal while I was a student and team captain of our culinary team.

I met someone in school that made me a better chef. He has a very unique voice that can take control of a room simply by saying something. He was one of my instructors as well as team coach. It has been almost a decade since I last ran into him.

I hiked 5.17 miles out of the woods and ended up at a hospital. I’m here charging my stuff in a corner, away from everyone, before I go to the emergency room. I heard a four word response to a question, all the way over past the gift shop and the hair on the back of my neck come to fill attention.

I turned my head towards the gift shop and saw coach. That made my year!


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