Who you gonna call?

Maybe I am doing this all wrong…

My primary doctor laughs at me when I try to explain something to him (I guess the way my mental illness’s make me think amuses him.). When he is not laughing at me he simply tells me that he can’t help me, and he can’t see anything wrong with me.

My mental health care provider is a complete joke. I’ve been with them 18 months and still haven’t been observed, tested or questioned about any of my mental illnesses. My 1st case manager they gave me was a parrot. She talked down to me while repeating what I just said. The 2nd one I liked but after a few months she quit to move north. I took almost 3 months to get a new person to replace her. It seems like I’ve only been with him maybe 8 months.

Now the 3rd guy bailed on me when I’m dealing with serious life and death crap. Let me sum this up real quick: I’ve been with Sound for 18 months. During this 18 months, 6 months I went without care because they were under staffed(that’s what they told me).

My cardiologist refuses to call me back. I have 3 messages this week alone to my doctor. His receptionist’s refuse to let me speak with my doctor. They refuse to refill my medication. I run out of my medication in 4 days.

My mental health provider quit on me, my PCP is a real jerk to patients with mental illness and my cardiologist refuses to speak with me about my medication situation.

Who am I supposed to call next?

I’ve tried calling a lawyer, the media, Washingto Department of health, the governor and have been screaming for help from anyone that has read my story. All that and the most help I have gotten, has been from a neighbor across from the location of my house.

Am I not calling the right people?

Am I the only one who can see how wrong this is?

What would you do if you were taking a life saving medication and ran out, without your doctor giving you refills?


I still feel strongly that exposing this cover-up is the only way I will get help. The only way that will happen is if everyone reposted this blog, share this story on other platforms and sharing this story with anyone that might have any influence on this matter. You can use my name, you can link to any part of this story and you can contact me with questions if any arise.


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