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Here is my Cardboard…

If I could stand all of the noise, people and scents, this would be the time where I should be standing on a corner with a sign asking for spare change. Here is my Cardboard: Homeless American suffering from mental illness needs help keeping his phone on for contacting doctors. It"s cold so leave your... Continue Reading →

Brain Fart

I took today off as I am sore as hell. My calves cramped, right ribs hurt and my back behind my left shoulder blade is still causing my grief. My feet survived walking 6 miles while wet and my stomach will eventually calm down from begging for calories all day yesterday. So I'm sitting here... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Advennture

Time away from camp: 12hr 20 min Total distance traveled: 12.37 miles What started as a mission to charge my batteries and phone, turned into a ER visit and heart medicine for another month. So if any of you from the hospital read this, thank you. You accomplished more in a few hours than my... Continue Reading →

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