Yesterday’s Advennture

  • Time away from camp: 12hr 20 min
  • Total distance traveled: 12.37 miles

What started as a mission to charge my batteries and phone, turned into a ER visit and heart medicine for another month. So if any of you from the hospital read this, thank you. You accomplished more in a few hours than my cardiologist has done in six months.

Things definitely didn’t go as planned, that’s for sure. I didn’t bring my wallet to charge my phone, so I didn’t even stop at the Safeway in town. You know you are in the sticks when you go to the pharmacy to get your medicine in one line and the next line over you can get your growler filled with the local brew, to go.

I read a couple books at the library while waiting for my scripts to get filled. I even checked a book out to go. This was a huge relief to find a warm dry place to hang out while I waited.

I got a call from the pharmacy saying my stuff was ready. I grabbed my gear and headed out for the pharmacy. I get there to find that only two were filled of the five. The other 3 will be ready on the 19th. Say no more, I’m out the door.

I got a few blocks down the road and it started to sprinkle. The further I went the wetter I got. By the time I passed the hospital on my way back, the rain really started to come down. As I approached the first gate, I noticed a wall of water coming down about a half mile up the road. The only thing I could do was scan the tree line for the biggest cedar tree and lean against its base where stuff was still dry.

I did some figuring in my head and said to hell with it and continued to struggle on before cramping sets in. Yeah, I wasn’t prepared for a 12 mile 12 hour expiration. I only had a bottle of water, a 100 calorie granola bar and a pack of 110 calorie fruit snacks. I didn’t have breakfast because I was only going to be gone for a few hours.

I lived to tell the story. I have medication for 1 more month. Next is nothing but recovery, so I can make the trip again on the 20th to pick up the 3 scripts that can’t be filled until the 19th. This is a perfect example of how a simple mix up at the pharmacy is going to cost me a whole day of time, roughly 3000’ish calories(that I don’t have) and a days rations of food. If I was normal it would be nothing to make to make 5 different trips to the pharmacy every month. It would be on the way to or back from one of my daily errands.

At first I thought it was a dried cow pie. No cows, so I looked closer. It a weathered, knotty dried piece of wood.

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