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Headed for town…

I’ve quite a day planned. Who knows how much I will accomplish. I know it’s over 5 miles to the hospital and more than a mile more to the pharmacy. That’s two stops. I also want to get some supplies at Safeway and a stop at the library to charge my batteries.

I don’t know how long stuff will take. I do know I left camp at 9:30 am, walked to the hospital, waited on ER, walked to pharmacy, went to library to wait for medicine. I did all that and made it all the way back to camp in the rain before dark. So I’m eliminating 4 hours of crap and adding 1. I promised my back that I wouldn’t bring back more than 25 pounds of supplies. I bought way too much last time.


I should be back at the river tomorrow morning. This should be my last trip out for a while.


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