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Front Yard

These few days of rain should have helped some of the flowers to germinate. The ferns are almost three feet and the grass is coming along nicely, in the mostly shady area it’s in.

I think I planted a mix in the center that will get up to 2-3 feet some blue 18″ers by the ferns and some blueish ground cover around the border. The mix in the center I think was red white and blue or purple.

While I was trying to stretch today, to loosen my wound up muscles, some one unloaded a 30 round magazine maybe a half mile down the road and scared the shit out of me. First off I have been enjoying the serenity of my location, listening to the birds. Second, I have no idea which way they are pointing it, in a designated no shooting area. Third it draws the attention of fish and game department, as well as the King County Sheriff. They both have keys and hand cuffs.

I want to avoid all of them. Well, just to draw a little more attention to themselves, the knuckleheads went through 4 more magazines and they were firing the gun as fast as they could pull the trigger. That means it is more than likely a younger male that got a new gun and wanted to swing his tiny dick and pat himself on the back.

I didn’t get hit so I’m not here and am not getting involved.



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