The long road home…

I had to cut my trip short so I could try to make camp before dark. I almost liked hiking this when it was raining better. You couldn’t see how far you still had to go. For the same reason you don’t look down when climbing, I don’t check my GPS or the time once moving. I don’t want to play that mental game. Spend my brain power on being aware of my surroundings and checking out everything you don’t see when driving.

I started packing up at the library after 19:30 and made my way to the pharmacy across the street. I got the rest of my medicine and made like Forest Gump and started walking. I got to see an amazing sunset and reach camp just as it got dark.


I don’t even want to get started on physical pain that I’m in. My feet are good though. Nothing got unpacked last night. Bugs are drawn to light when it’s dark and I didn’t want a bunch of flying things where I sleep.

I managed to stay out of the rain all day yesterday. I think it best I rest my back today and reorganize camp. I’ve gone through a bunch of stuff and resupplied twice. I brought a calander with me but haven’t been keeping track. Probably best that I don’t know that info either.

I did manage to hang out in the dining area at the hospital for an hour. Coach was busy, so I didn’t derail his train of thought with a distraction.

My phone says over 22,000 steps yesterday.

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