Getting that Booty

So as not to embarrass any species of insect, bird or animal, I have substituted the actual species names with proper West Coast Redneck slang terms

Wow! What a day. I would just like to say that I didn’t get the memo from mother nature about what I saw today. I probably lost over an hour of production with my sluice.

I left camp a little later than I would have liked. I made up a little time on the way there since it was all down hill. About 100 yards out of camp something came out of nowhere, fast as hell and close to the ground. It was making a really weird hissing noise, almost like a cat.I stopped instantly, not in fear, but pure curiosity. I watched for a little bit before I took my backpack off and grabbed my phone. I haven’t checked it yet, but I tried to get an audio recording since the lighting was crap for a cell phone camera. After watching it for a bit I realized that it wasn’t hissing at me. It was a bird, all poofed out, with its wings straight out darting it what seamed like random directions. It was a bird doing his dance so he could shake his tail feather. It completely blew my mind.


As I was getting closer to the river, I probably saw more than 5 pair of dragon flies doing their little dance in the air. Nothing I could get a good shot of though.

While I was running my sluice two birds came screaming down the canyon at mach 1. They were flying close to the water and making hair pin turns. I call them racers. Anyways, about 30 yards from me one of them stopped on a rock in the middle of the river.

It started flaring out Its tail feathers, turning in circles and bobbing its head up and down. The next thing you know another racer came hauling ass down the canyon and stopped on a rock across from the head bobber. The FNB (f@#king new bird) had a big long worm hanging out of its beak.

The head bobber liked his offering and invited him to dance with her on her rock. What the check mother nature? Was today mating day or what?

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