See anything wrong?

I can see something wrong, and it’s not my construction.

How about in this one?

Or in these?

Got a bear cub scratching up the trees around camp. Ahh. It’s probably the rain washed my Catnip #8 off around camp. Time to go spray a fresh coat…


2 thoughts on “See anything wrong?

  1. I brought a pot of honey and a jar of peanut butter for a picnic. Seriously though, with bears mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes in my area, I’m always wearing my west coast redneck bear bell.

    You need a caribeaner, your truck keys and a bottle opener. You clip your truck keys and bottle opener in the caribeaner. Then you clip this rig to a belt loop or a backpack if ya got one. I don’t mind seeing the animals cause they are amazing. I just don’t want to sneak up on one and startle it. Oh and I can’t run away so I also brought my 357 magnum bear tickler.


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