Young Bigfoot?

So I was kicking back to rest after a short long day and I got this feeling like something was watching me. Boy oh boy there was something alright. Everything got oddly quiet around camp, like the birds knew something that I didn’t.

I slowly turned my head to the right, and there it was five feet away from where I am sitting. Its face was so cute with its pointy ears sticking straight up. It was just standing there looking at me.

I said out loud, “howdy neighbor, I don’t believe we have met yet. You can call me LP.”

Bob turned his fuzzy head toward the trail and walked away. I couldn’t get my phone out fast enough to get a good pic. It’s looks like a brown blob or young Bigfoot in the middle of the trail. Since pics were out, I hit record to see if you could at least see something moving.

I’m gonna call him Sneaky Bob the bobcat… #forcedtobreakthelaw

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