I need a break

I have been down to the river for the last three straight days. I will be lucky if I can move later today.

I got a call back from the prosecutor. That means I am going to have to make a trip out of here to be interviewed by the defense attorney. The good news is that they will come get me at a location of my choice and return me when finished.

I found out that the guy they want to nail is the dumbass that got into my house first. The one that left his pink backpack in my garage. The very same pink backpack that also had his EBT card, his cell phone(that was logged into everything) and a full pack of his smokes.

The Federal Way police, that came to my house when I reported it, did NOT take any evidence or finger prints and chalked it up to the one that got away. I bet if it was somebody they knew , then they might have actually done their job.

Everything that was on his phone was downloaded and backed up by me. You know, in case they lost it or it quits working. It has been two years almost and I still have all the evidence the police didn’t want to take. I’m going to give it to the prosecutor to use if they take him to trial.

The defense doesn’t know about me yet. I don’t work for the government or any law enforcement agency. What I do can be considered, ummm…. LARPing


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