Hole 2 Day 4

It seems like everyday I get less done than the day before. There is a very good reason why I am digging this way.


Like I mentioned in a previous post, my body is broken. Where I started digging, I was digging across instead of down. With my bad back and knee, this is how I work smarter. The really big rocks(freaking over 150 pounds) simply roll out of my way. I just use my crowbar, gravity and a good fulcrum.

Not very complicated moving really heavy things this way. Now compare this easy method with the knucklehead redneck version. Go to the inside bend on a river that has gold. Find a really big rock and dig straight down to your pocket of gold.

Your back, knees and knuckles will hate you at the end of the day. You will sweat, maybe bleed a little. You might find a little gold for a long hard day of work. You tell yourself, if I could have dug down another foot you would have hit it.

This redneck continues to dig and dig barely moving down at all it seems. The rocks are all locked together and he is trying to pry big rocks up and out of a hole that keeps getting bigger.

His trip will come to an end and will go home with some gold, a sore back and drinking stories. In case you were wondering, the answer is yes. I used to be that redneck. That’s how I knew what he would do.

In conclusion, the way I’m doing it, I have to go through four times more material to get to my sweet spot. I know exactly where it is. I’m digging straight to it. I can process twice as much material in the same amount of time. I do not have to lift any big rocks. I would like to see the redneck get some of the rocks I rolled, up and out of a four foot hole.

Any how, oh yeah sorry ADD trip. Just had to go back and make some edits. I would start a sentence, skip a couple words and then finish the sentence. Look a little closer at this photo.

I will get a shot where things are lit better. Ok, on the left edge you can see the flat area that I stand on and the hole. You can also see the shovel handle for measuring. From the flat area to the top of that bar is six feet.

Alright, now look at the graded falls or rapids. The river drops over five feet in twenty, on the inside of a 120 degree corner. Does that get your attention. The big rock I am digging behind is going to be six or more feet down.


How long will it take you, with a shovel, crowbar and sluice, to dig a 6x6x6 hole down that is completely void of material. Took me 12 hours and I didn’t break a sweat.


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