Ever been Thomas Edison?

While out for my trip something happened to me. I don’t know what the difference is between feeling and emotion is, but it was one of them.

When I headed out yesterday, I only had three objectives to complete. I wanted to find treasure, something Japanese and see what happened to the loggers.

Left early, to beat the heat and to have more time swinging my detector. On the way to the ghost town I went through the clear cut. To take a walk by snooping. Holy crap!

They didn’t just clearcut a section. This clear cut isn’t measured in acres, its measured in square miles of flattened trees. It was maybe 4 times what I saw the last time I made the trip.

From the top there was amazing views. It was cool to see the views, but that wasn’t why I was there. I was looking for signs that they were still in the area. I hadn’t seen any yet. It was kind of depressing. Seeing so much wood cut down and then not harvested seemed like wasting about 30% of total wood cut.

The climb was over and the road leveled out. I got my first relief for my legs and dropped the pack to lose my shirt. I took off my hat to let some of my hot air out. I stretched big, yawned an turned around to have a look at the view. That is when it hit me.

It felt like a wave crashing over me. I was happy for about 60 seconds. This. Is where my communication skills are lacking. This wave of hapinness, what ever it was, is hard explain.

It wasn’t the happy from smiling at a joke or seeing a realitive you haven’t seen in a while. It wasn’t the happy you get when you miss all the traffic in the morning. It was a happy so pure and raw that there hasn’t been a definition written yet to describe this happy.

This happy must be what Thomas Edison felt on the 7,562nd try to invent the light bulb. You know the time that he was actually was successful. That feeling he felt is what I felt.

Nothing else in the whole world existed and time stood still. There was no pain, depression, anxiety, no money or doctors. All I know is the mother nature has a pretty bold way of getting things across when she wants to.

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See I was thinking about how destructive the logging was to this part of the forest. That stinking negative thinking of depression. That’s when good ol’ mother nature gave me a big smack joy.

I looked out in the distance and oone of the most amazing views of Mt. Rainier that I have never seen. If I hadn’t been investigating the loggers I would have never got this treat. Mom was telling me they they weren’t killing the trees and wasting wood. Instead she said I left them have the trees so you could have this view.

If I was wearing a bib, I would have put my bottom lip in it cause my jaw was on the floor. When there is something so amazing distracting you from everything, there are also no cameras.

I didn’t have my camera with me, and my phone wouldn’t do it justice, so no photo. I was above some low clouds and there was some haze above that, kind of tainting the view.

I did mark the location on my GPS to possibly come back here to shoot some night stuff. Maybe the moon over the mountain or something like it.

That is the best can do for know at explaining the 60 seconds of joy. How would I use it in a sentence? When I came around the last corner of the top of the mountain, mother nature gave me a shot of Thomas Edison.

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