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Time to Pack

I have to leave the safety and quiet of the forest tomorrow and go back where there are people. Time to refill meds and make a few appointments, with what doctors I have left that return calls. It will give me a day or so to go through some of the photos I have on... Continue Reading →

Lunch Time

Mmmm... Nalley's Onion Chili & Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Just one more way to get cheese and onion on your chili without refrigeration/off grid.

Relics in the Woods

Yesterday was a wash. I was to sore to start another project. I didn't want to hike up an down a cliff. Oh and I fell back asleep after breakfast. I got up around two in the afternoon. Made some lunch and organized my photo gear for an afternoon of photography. I'm getting the hang... Continue Reading →

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