Relics in the Woods

Yesterday was a wash. I was to sore to start another project. I didn’t want to hike up an down a cliff. Oh and I fell back asleep after breakfast.

I got up around two in the afternoon. Made some lunch and organized my photo gear for an afternoon of photography. I’m getting the hang of shooting everything in manual. This is good when you are as picking as I am.

It’s not really a complaint, but the issue with my coolpix now is only how long it takes just to make an ISO setting change or adjust the manual focus. That is just how this camera was designed, like a decade ago.

I’m going to see if I can get a ride out of here tomorrow. I’ve got to pick up meds and see if I can sell my two Tim Wistrom, limited autographed prints.

I need batteries, tp, aspirin, sunscreen, paper towls and a few other things that aren’t food. That means I’m gonna sell something to buy supplies. I’m not going to do what was done to me. Hurting others in bad, that I do know.

#forcedtobreakthelawplease share on your social media.

I’m just made myself laugh. The thought of me standing still, holding a piece of dirty cardboard, asking for $ wouldn’t last a full minute with my ADD. Then I would over complicate the task by giving myself a bunch of OCD rules to follow. My depression wants to see a movie to distract myself. My autism doesn’t understand my none of my doctors have tried to get a hold of me since the hospital sent them a message about my visit.

It is all so exhausting, trying please all of the things attacking me. I have to do all of that and no home, no transportation, no mental health provider now, a doctor that laughs at me or the absence in any income, checking or savings. No change in the ashtray of my broke truck or retirement account I can withdrawal from. I sure don’t have enough pennies to rub together to reapply for state benefits. I’m a fish out of water, and there’s no rain in the forecast.

A month ago, this road hadn’t seen a tire in decades. Both sides of the road were lined with 40-60 year old trees with spooky moss hanging from them. Before the loggers left they cleared this road for a right of way.

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