20 Minutes…

It only took me 20 minutes to get back to the hell that I left. You know where everyone, their devices and toys make noise. The place where negativity surrounds you and people constantly complain.

I’ve got news for them, they don’t have a lot to piss in, compared to my situation. I do have a doctors appointment Wednesday morning. The prosecutor didn’t call me today.

I returned DSHS’s phone call at 9am this morning and left her a message that I was returning her call and ready to complete my appeal. By 3pm this afternoon I still hadn’t got a call and was getting worried.

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I called Robin again and this time her voicemail was different from this morning. It now said you have reached the former desk of Robin. We no longer have an SSI coordinator. If you have questions about your claim, contact Social Security or call the main call center.

What the heck? For all of my other appeals Robin has called me to help. When I need her the most, she not only doesn’t help me, she retired or quit. Who knows? I know that I’m probably screwed because he SSA police is closed.

Not one thing I do, trying to get help, has worked. Sounds like this good guy won’t even get to finish, let alone finish last. I’m living in a nightmare that has been going for three years now and it doesn’t look like I can wake up.


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