Dr. had a Bad Day

Soos Creek Trail North of 240th

Quick note before the post. I went back through my posts to “hole 2 day 1” and fixed the images so that you can click them, to see the images full screen.

#forcedtobreakthelawplease share this story and link on your social media. Not trying to be famous, just trying to get help.

So I made it to the doctor today. I was on time(15 minutes before my appointment) and came armed with print outs. After checking in I was told the doctor was about 20 minutes behind. I let her know that was fine(not so fine for the doctor before he sees me). I had a list of things I wanted to discuss with him, if he still wanted to be my doctor after clearing the air. The air that needing clearing included:

  • I wasn’t impressed with my first impression of you.
  • My second impression was that you aren’t going to help me, your words not mine.
  • This is why I haven’t seen you in 6 months. I figured it would be a waste of my time and resources to go to someone for help that won’t help me.
  • You didn’t document one of my concerns from my second visit. That issue is still bothering me. I don’t like having a magic button on my wrist, that when pressed just right, I pass out and piss myself from the pain.
  • During my second visit, you rolled your eyes and laughed at me when I asked you a simple question about changing the time I take my medications. Why would anyone want to go to someone for help that doesn’t take me seriously. This shit is life or death for me and I would like to have someone more professional helping me.
  • Most of my medical issues over the last 6 months haven’t been with me. They have been with an imaginary doctor’s receptionist. He said that this was the first he had heard of it. After some investigating on his part(he gets to see more info than I do on mychart online) he found that nobody from the cardiologist office made any record about me calling, getting hung up on, my visit to their office in February or that I had called to speak with my doctor(I had left several messages for needing a call back from my doctor).

There was some back peddling on his part with some no recollections and gosh & geez’s. The next part of my visit yesterday was talking about solutions for my physical and mental issues. We also spent some time on medications, drug interactions, my massive weight loss and my living situation.

We had that “Days of Thunder” talk. I started out with my flaws. I have a three year medical history showing that I have trouble explaining things. This could be from several other deficiencies. I think the best example of that would be my first heart attack. I went to the emergency room with a heart attack and was told I had indigestion. When you explain things to me, you do it with terms I don’t know. I’m Tom Cruise racing through life and my doctor is the pit boss, “Harry”.

We need to work on common terms that we both understood. I need to create a punch list of things I need fixed so he can get a better picture of me. I also need to do some looking into my insurance options and facility options. So I am writing this post and then going back to making calls…

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