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Still laughing?

What could possibly go wrong now? I’ve crossed my i’s and dotted my t’s right? All I have to do is wait a little, take a breath and relax cause the ball is rolling. The more I thought about it, it became clear that there were flaws. Places where the ball could still end up in the gutter.

Flaw #1 – What if all of this is for nothing? With my limited knowledge of medicine, I can still figure out a few things. For instance, if I make an appointment and the doctor and find transportation, that he only treats adults and doesn’t do diagnoses. I don’t know if other people think like this but it is a question that can be answered without waiting.

That is a pretty big flaw if you ask me. That would have been a lot of work for nothing. I put my Bluetooth headset back on and called back to ask the new question. I called the number listed from it’s website for that specific office . A receptionist answered, insert goose bumps, and I asked my question. This is the answer.

There isn’t anyone in that office that does a diagnosis. She did confirm that the way I was going about getting an appointment was correct. She then explained that even though my doctor referred me to a specific person, the referral department will see that it gets to the correct office for diagnosis. Then she wanted to confirm my email and put me back on hold.

When she returned she explained why she was confirming my e-mail address and that their office schedules six months out. Holy crap that’s christmas. I’m thinking to myself, I have to wait another six months just to get an introduction to see if the doctor is compatible? The office was however, going to email me some contact information for doctor they know that do a diagnosis. Now I’m thinking I’m glad I was looking for flaws.

I received the email and called the next office. She explained to me that they don’t see everyone. They are more inclined to help those with complicated issues. I thought great, cause mine is way past complicated to FUBAR. I filled out the intake form for the place that will diagnose adults. Well holey doughnuts Bill Nye. Did I just do something in a few hours that my medical team couldn’t do for three years. I am still laughing.

Anymore flaws? I need to go lay down now, my back is killing me from typing. Maybe continued…


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