Why are you laughing?

So I’ve been banging on doors, calling everybody, researching and highlighting. The last call I had was another wonderful one. I was calling the specific office of a doctor I found, to see if he was accepting new patients. I got anxious as the phone rang, before the receptionist answered. I haven’t had any good experiences with receptionists, after three different receptionists basically told me sorry but you are going to die.

If you haven’t read about the previous calls, this link will take you to my post titled “Forced to Break the Law”. #forcedtobreakthelawplease share this story and link on your social media. Not trying to be famous, just trying to get help.

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The receptionist answers and we talked about the doctor, my insurance and if he was accepting new patients.

  • The Doctor likes: Running marathons, climbing, mountain biking, hiking and spending time with my family. He likes outdoors stuff so we have something in common.
  • My Insurance – The office and doctor are both in network and nothing needs to be changed to see him with a referral.
  • The doctor is accepting new patients.

The next part of the call was the really good part. I asked her to explain what steps I need to take to get an appointment and how to do them. I figured, why not? I have obviously been doing something wrong the last three years. I needed to try something new.

The end of that question it went a little like this. She told me I need to contact my doctor and ask for a referral. Once the office gets the referral, they will give you a call to schedule and appointment. That is when I started laughing. She stops and asks me, why are you laughing?

I asked her, so after my doctor sends a referral, wait a few days and call the office to make an appointment? She assures me, no they will call you. I’m freaking calling them on the 3rd business day after it is sent. I am not going to deal with waiting any more for offices to call me. I’ll give them two full business days to call me from when it is sent. On day three, I’m calling because he might be scheduling a month out or more for the next appointment.

The call ended and I logged into my PCP’s website and started typing up a request for a referral. To be continued…


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