Nothing here for me.

I guess this is my farewell. My mental health provider finally returned my call. It’s just a little late because the person I needed to speak with works Tuesday-Thursday. Yet another example of how bad doctors are about calling people back or the receptionists aren’t giving them the messages.

I called the crisis line and was asked, “This is the crisis line, what did you want me to do?”. I don’t know, how about your job. She was short with me and basically told me I had the wrong number. The is three out of three calls, where the bitch on the crisis line has been rude to me, told me I had the wrong number and didn’t help me with anything except being even more depressed. WTF?

I am so tired of this shit! Pulled up Google maps and its 24 miles over two mountains to get back home in the woods. My phone is getting turned off, my messages won’t be checked, and I am not going to communicate with anyone, except the people that arrest me. There is nothing left here for me…

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