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Read my intake, from 18 months ago, before reading this feedback please.  If you want to better understand my last six months, you can read on my blog.  To view my blogs posts related to the last six months, it is on  In the menu, under featured, the link is #forcedtobreakthelaw.

When asked in my intake with Scott P, “What goals do you want to accomplish with Sound?”, I remember exactly what I said.  I told him that I needed to be evaluated.  He nodded his head and said, “Mmmm…  Okay,  anything else?”. 

I’m said “That that would be a good place to start at right.  Don’t you need to figure out what is wrong before setting goals for treatment?”.  Fast forward to today and guess what still no freaking evaluation.  How is this possible?

After my intake I was told that I had to go to orientation.  So I show up for orientation, the supervisor came in late and didn’t orient us to anything.  I was given paperwork and the date of my first appointment.  Are you kidding me?

I completely wasted a whole day, ten dollars of my 97 dollars I get in cash benefits and had to go home to recover for three days.  I let the supervisor know how I felt before I left.  I asked her why I couldn’t have been given this paperwork after my intake and called me to give me my appointment details.

My first appointment didn’t go very well either.  I don’t think it lasted 30 minutes.  She was belittling be and repeating what I said like a parrot.  She asked me what was wrong and I told her I didn’t like the way she was talking to me.  I left her office, went to the front desk and asked for an appointment with someone else.

I don’t have access to my records, like I had with my last provider.  If I did I would look up how long it took you to schedule another appointment.  I believe it was over a month.

Okay, I go to the 2nd appointment and Jamie was cool.  We met for several months but accomplished nothing and then she quit to move north.  During my last appointment with her, she informed me that Sound would be calling me to setup an appointment with my new person that is going to dangle a carrot for me.  After two months, speaking with my prescriber about it a couple times and several phone calls from me I finally got Scott P.

Lets pause the counselor problems for a second and switch to prescriber.  The first prescriber I met with had me diagnosed without ever meeting me and was excited about it.  She told me that I had OCD and prescribed me medicine for it.  I was unfamiliar with OCD so after the appointment I did some homework.  I found that she was wrong, gave me medicine for something I didn’t have and called her on it when I met up with her after taking bogus pills for something I didn’t have. 

During this appointment, Jamie sat in with me to see what I was talking about.  I left that appointment early, told Jamie I didn’t want someone just guessing and giving me random pills.  I never saw this prescriber again.  I ran out of medication several times while with sound because of prescribers not doing their job.  As a matter of fact, It took over a month for Sound to find me a new one.

At this point Sound has made my situation worse.  I finally got a new prescriber to go with my new counselor.  He was trying to help, and I think kind of understood my situation.  Then when I am in the middle of a life or death struggle, Scott calls me to tell me he is taking a new position.  I haven’t spoke with him since, and he didn’t respond to my last two emails.

I am now homeless, because according to two of your staff told me my living situation was toxic.  I am still having trouble getting my medication.  I no longer have transportation, disability benefits, any money or a roof over my head.  It is a four day hike to get to Sound for an appointment now.  You had a client that came to Sound begging for help and used the excuse, 18 months later that you are short staffed.

You have had 100’s of chances to help me, and chose to just take to insurance money.  The next person that calls me without being familiar with my case is going to get a loud “FUCK YOU”.  I am not going to start over for a 4th time in 18 months.  That would require me to fill them in on my last three years in installments of 40 minutes once a month.  This is not possible.

You Failed!


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  1. What exactly are you expecting the people to help you with? My husband and I have been reading a fair number of your posts this evening including the #forcetobreakthelaw stories. You keep stating that you are going to die if you don’t get your medications and yet you also keep saying you haven’t been properly diagnosed with anything.

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  2. Blood Thinner(to prevent stroke), Two Blood Pressure Medications(last time I went 12 without I had two heart attacks) and I have not been evaluated for what I am dealing with.

    I was told that they really don’t do this anymore because it is expensive and takes five hours. My response to that comment a year ago was, “Is it more expensive than my fuel, my time and my well being? Nobody at Kaiser even investigated my claims. One person at Sound, who no longer works there, was trying to help me. I was getting a 40 minute visit every two weeks for the last three years, when they enough staff. This is not working.

    I am tired of doing the right thing(asking for help) and failing to communicate how bad my situation is.


  3. This may sound like a strange question but how much water are you drinking a day?


  4. This is a vague question, and I’m not sure how you want me to answer. I can say I have a couple diet sodas a week and the only other thing I drink is water or cranberry juice.


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