It has been 10 days!

Today is 10 days since called Sound to speak with the last remaining mental health professional familiar with my case and she still hasn’t contacted me. I am left to speculate two things:

  • Sound is preventing her from contacting me in some way.
  • She no longer is with Sound and didn’t bother to let me know she is no longer with Sound.

What ever the reason is, it is unacceptable. Yes I received messages from people who don’t know me, but I am not going to drain my battery while wasting my time. Yes, it would be a waste of my time speaking with people who dont know my case. I can explain it to the but I can’t understand it for them.

One thought on “It has been 10 days!

  1. thats what you get for free health care. Nobody is going to give a shit until you get a better plan. How come you can’t work?

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