The Cover Up

I have suspected foul play in the cardiologist’s office for a while now. I was looking at this issue all wrong, because the evidence was right in front of me.

I have been trying to figure out, what I thought was complicated, something very simple. The fact that I couldn’t find evidence was the proof. Are you confused yet? They didn’t log all of the calls I had made to their office, as well as my surprise visit.

The surprise visit was on 2-16-2019 and someone prescribed me medication. I found this out from my PCP. He had no idea that I had been having such a hard time with their office. He mentioned that since my 2nd heart attack, he had not received any messages from their office.

Does anyone else find it strange that a 45 year old man with a grey beard, comes into your office, panicking so bad that his whole body was shaking, sees a doctor, gets prescribed five different medications and none of this is recorded on his medical record?

If a patient becomes difficult to deal with(from the receptionists view), they don’t bother to message his PCP about the difficulty? It is almost like they figured if we dont tell anyone this happened, they wouldn’t get into trouble for being rude and dropping the ball on at least three different occasions.

I laugh a little, because they weren’t the only medical office I dealt with on the 16th and the other offices did record what I dealt with that day.

It has taken me almost a week to wind down from heading back the last time. The ghost noises were the worst. I was hearing boats and jet skis until Friday. Just haven’t really felt like doing anything.

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  1. Good Eye! I actually took over 30 photos with my 42x optical zoom and 16mp Coolpix. I’m getting old, so I like to do a little homework before I climb a mountain and move heavy rocks.


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