Just Got Back

Yet another fine example of not knowing when to say when. I headed to town today to do three things. I needed to pick up my heart medications, charge batteries at the library and pickup a few supplies at the store.

Well, I got all of that done and one side mission. The side mission I did had me swing by a lake to get a closer look. That was unsuccessful and added 1.5 miles to my journey. My GPS showed that I was already over 7 miles by the time I got to the library.

When the library closed at 9pm, I headed over to the grocery store. Here is where i screwed up big time. When shopping, i remember being concerned about about breakable things and the volume of stuff. I completely spaced on the weight of stuff and was completely overweight.

The featured image was shot before midnight, looking up the dark road to camp. The light is at the first gate and was taken somewhere between 11pm-12am. After taking my backpack off in camp, I realized how badly overweight I was.

I’m probably not going to be able to move tomorrow and that is from not knowing when to say in. My heart got a great workout and I didn’t pass out. It did take me 2.5 more hours to get to camp from where I took that photo. On a side note, I did drop almost 30 pounds of weight halfway to camp. I will get ita later.

Time for bed now at 3am.

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