Perfect Timing

I dont think if I had planned it, things wouldn’t have worked out so well. Quick update, it has now been over two weeks since I contacted my mental health provider, to speak with the last professional familiar with my situation. She has not tried to contact me by phone, email, USPS or pigeon.

Ok, back to my timing. I made my decision to go to town yesterday for the three things. It turns out that the drizzle I endured(sometimes heavy drizzle), is way better than the heavy steady rain today. My 80 pound pack, my clothes and everything I was wearing or carrying would have doubled in weight at least. I wouldn’t have made it back to camp until dinner tonight and I would have only been three feet tall.

As it was, I still nearly had a heart attack climbing a couple of the hills. My legs were shaking and I was trying to only take breaks if I had gone at least 100 feet. I know math very well and by the time I took the night gate photo, I was looking at a max 104 stops before camp. I dont have a clue how many I actually took, but every animal I woke up was laughing their ass off at the dumb human that gave them some latenyte entertainment.

Did I mention that the dumb human they were laughing at forgot a flashlight for emergency purposes. So the last three and a half miles were in the dark. It was completely overcast so I didn’t get any help from the moon either. It may sound odd to someone that doesn’t understand hyperacusis, but I wore headphones listening to music instead of listening for something coming out of the woods to get me.

I was on a mission of survival. No calling a friend for help, dont have any. No money for things like grocery delivery, uber, Lyft, metro bus(with over 100 pounds of food?) or taxi so I used what I was given.

With my heart problems, anxiety and hyperacusis working together there is potential for disaster alone in my head in the dark. Imagine a mosquito buzzing past your ear. You get that distinct reaction to dodge your head and swat your hand in the direction of the sound. What would your reaction to the mosquito be if you heard it coming from eight feet away instead of eight inches? What would your reaction be if the mosquito you suddenly picked up on your radar only eight feet away but it was as loud as a leafblower?

That’s just one scenario that I could possibly see happening while walking a long distance, in the dark, under duress and without the ability to adequately defend myself should something happen. I figured if music helps in noisy crowded places. Then why wouldn’t it drown out the mosquitos and keep my ears from getting bit.

It worked. I figured that if something is going to happen, there is nothing I can do about it. Dance with the bear instead of wrestle.

Now I am back, taking the day off to recover, and everyone that waited to go to the store is getting proper trained on. No drizzle today. I could try to tell you about it but would fail. I could shoot a video and show you but that wouldn’t capture it either. So I am developing a new weather app for andriod.

It’s going to be called real weather. So when you check out a forecast you get a real weather forecast. For example, let’s say you were looking at my forecast for this evening. Your phone would then pelt you with hazelnut sized drops of water from the headphone jack. If it’s only going to be 59 degrees out when is raining, your phone case would actually drop to 59 degrees. (Attempt at humor over hearing disorder.)

I had no other option to get everything back to camp. Now I will be a gimp for at least two more days before I can think about doing anything. Some good news, no i didn’t just save on car insurance, i brought back 4 new books i can read. I wish i had a closer way to charge my stuff. I would be wearing my headphones every day. They also help drown out all of the ghost noises i hear for days after heading back to uncivilization.


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