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Holy Hamburglar Batman

I think I’m fine when I’m alone and not being judged. It only when I’m around others that I have my doubts. I just read my post, the one I wrote at 2:30am, of returning to camp a few days ago. I remember making the post, but couldn’t remember what I wrote. Now that I know, I shake my head like a bobblehead.

Now I would like to have a little fun. This will require feedback, from you the reader, via comments. Let us play a little guessing game. I will setup the scenario, and then you get to guess the answer to a simple question. Trust me when I say that there is no wrong guess. Everyone that comments will get a virtual high five from me.

The medical group responsible for my physical health is the Valley Medical group under, sort of, the UW Medical group. The Valley Medical group uses mychart+ to communicate with doctors and view you medical records.

This last Sunday, I logged into mychart+ to send a direct message to my cardiologist. I still haven’t spoke with him. Here is the exact message that I sent on Sunday:

Today is Friday and its roughly 11am. How do you think Dr. Subherwal answered my very simple question?

I will share his response in a post tomorrow. Again, no answer can be to creative. Happy guessing! Oh, just one more thing to help influence your guess. Here is the form I filled out to send the message to Dr. Subherwal:


8 thoughts on “Holy Hamburglar Batman

  1. LoL, I’m sure you are one of there favourites. And if you weren’t before sending them this, I’m sure you be now after they’ve read your story.

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  2. I doubt they read your story. I’m sure they don’t have the time as they are working. What do you do for a living?

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  3. If I was a doctor, and found out my staff was making medical decisions on my part without I license, I could lose mine and possibly kill someone. They wouldn’t work for me anymore.


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