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Just found this…

I have been going through the list of blogs I follow. If there hasn’t been a post in 6 months and it doesn’t have some crazy cool info I use as reference or entertainment, I cut ties.

I am also not a consistantly on the reader and may have missed some of your cool stuff. My first stop was a rejection, nothing posted since October 2018. My next stop was a winner!

I went to Mark Wylie’s blog of Wylie’s Photos. One of his more recent posts was titled Sodium. I found this topic very interesting with even more amazing artwork of a project he was on.

There is even a link in the article for more info. I do not want to spoil it so there is no need for an alert. The topic of Sodium is the only clue I’m giving to what I felt as mind blowing material. It is time like this that you are reminded that you have a good eye. Thanks for that Wylie!

Mark Wylie’s blog of Wylie’s Photos.


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