Holy Hamburglar Part 2

In case you missed the first part, here is a link to “Holy Hamburglar Batman“. I know some folks like to read things in order. Now on to the reveal.

First I want to thank everyone that has recently followed my blog. I waited till today to do the reveal. One reason was that I wanted to give the doctor one calander week(five full business days).

I you have been following the #forcedtobreakthelaw series you may have picked up on some patterns like:

  • Failing everytime I try to get help.
  • Failure in trying to explain things to doctors.
  • Receptionists blocking me from my doctors.
  • Crisis lines telling me I have the wrong number.
  • Trouble with my medications.

Well, nothing has changed. I have received no response from Dr. Subherwal by phone, email, text or through mychart+. I am pretty sure that if he would of clicked on the link in the message it would show up as a web referral. That means that nobody has clicked that link in my message.

I am not sure what a patient is supposed to do in this situation. It seems that I am the only one it is happening to.

In summary, Dr. Subherwal with the Valley Medical Group has not responded to any of my phone calls(close to 25), messages or the referral from my PCP and nobody but myself thinks this is a problem. I was supposed to see him no later that December 16th, 2018 and June of 2019 is almost over.

It is dozens of these little things that wipe me out every day. Like I shouldn’t be trying to see my doctor after seven months, when the deadline to see him was six months ago. This takes resources away from stuff I am supposed to be doing today.

Everybody guessed wrong…

2 thoughts on “Holy Hamburglar Part 2

  1. Have you ever thought about the reason the Drs., whom i guess are more trained in their professions than you or I, don’t need to see you as they feel there is NOTHING wrong with you. Ok you had a heart attack, but obviously your still alive and still somehwhat sane. Alot of times heart attacks are symtoms due to not eating healthy or lack of exercise. From reading all your blogs, I’d say, your eating much more healthy and getting alot more exercise… a ton more.


  2. That is just the thing… I have something that is invisible that 99% of the medical profession doesn’t exactly understand it. I already have a track record of explaining things poorly. First I was trying to explain what was happening, then the pain it caused and finally what has been tried. As for the hyperacusis alone, I have been complaining about this for more than three years. Till this day, not one medical doctor has investigated my claims.

    Do all of these doctors have a magic eye where they can just look at me and tell if I’m full of shit or telling the truth? To me it sounds more like they have never heard of it and dont want to bother further educating themselves on one of their patient’s claims. They are too busy with their own lives to care about someone else’s, after 5pm.

    You yourself dont believe me, because you may not know about it either. I have found a lady from California, that wrote a book about it and explains things way better than I can. The book is “Tortured by Sound”, by Carol Lee Brook, 1999.

    If you read this book, I will discuss further my story with you.


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