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Until further notice…

Since I’m out of data until July 19th, I won’t be posting as much. I haven’t found $11 laying on the ground. I am going to try to get to town once a week.

My PCP put in a referral to get my head examined last Monday. I still haven’t got a call from anyone to setup an appointment. I will be printing everyone’s contact info before I leave, since I am back to having to call people. Those of you that follow, know how my phone calls go. This is my only way for me to communicate with anyone now.

I found an article published on mental healthcare in Washington. It basically says that the testing i need isn’t really done in Washington anymore. The test is basically reserved now for those ordered by the court(criminal cases). I want looking for it but I found evidence that suggests if you need this testing, you would have a better time getting it if I break the law.

Why do criminals get more benefits than those that dont commit crime?


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